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Why This Book and Why Now?

We were inspired to write Championing Science by witnessing the communication struggles that limit the effectiveness of many scientists. They miss out on funding, visibility, collaborations and ultimately, career success. We believe that great communicators make a bigger impact and that all STEM professionals can learn how to shine. 

– Amy and Roger


In January of 2019, University of California Press published Championing Science — Communicating Your Ideas to Decision Makers, a book to help professional scientists and students studying science-based disciplines learn how to get results from their conversations and presentations to decision makers.

This book teaches readers vital communication, influence and relationship-building skills to advance their work. It covers topics and techniques that are not found in most graduate school course catalogues. Through instruction, interviews and examples, readers learn about the importance of extracting the essence, crafting messages, simplifying visuals, bridging paradigm gaps and creating compelling narratives.


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