Science needs champions. We need scientists who can help Congress take a stand on important issues, or win the pitch for VC funding for a new energy source, or corral foundation grants to find the cure for Alzheimers.

Scientific breakthroughs start with an idea. Scientists in industry, government laboratories, and even in academia need to effectively present their ideas to people who can help make them happen. To do this we need to combine the accuracy and capabilities expected of good scientists, with the enthusiasm and public speaking skills expected of great communicators.  But our academic training doesn’t teach us how.

This blog aims to help all scientists communicate more effectively. Amy Aines and Roger Aines are teaming up to help scientists find resources and hone skills to better communicate ideas that can change the world.

Certainly there is self-interest for us scientists in this activity. We love science. We love to be paid to do science. We love to have the resources that we need to make incredible things happen.  However much of the magic of a true champion of science is in allowing the self-promotional aspect to encompass more than ourselves.   Successful advocacy without excessive self-interest equals championship.  That is the goal of this web site  – to help make champions.

– Amy and Roger