We bring our tools and philosophy to life in our new book, “Championing Science – Communicating Your Ideas to Decision Makers,” due out from the University of California Press, January, 2019.

Championing Science provides real-world tactics – tailored for scientists – for building the vital communication, influence, and emotional intelligence skills required to communicate with decision makers. Often not scientists, and almost never scientists in your field, decision makers require you to extract the essence of your argument, not pile on more and more detail.  With its instructional approach, Championing Science aims to prepare science students and professionals, to help decision makers understand and support their work.

Readers will learn why inspiring decision makers to act requires crafting understandable messages, simplifying visuals, bridging paradigm gaps, and delivering compelling narratives. Stories and examples are woven throughout the book illustrating how these principles have played out in important scientific developments, from Genentech’s first cancer drug, to the National Science Foundation’s decision to fund, and fund again, the impressive LIGO experiment that just garnered the Nobel Prize for three of its founders.

With a wealth of examples and down-to-earth tips, Championing Science can help all scientists be better presenters and be more persuasive with the people who have the power to make your science happen.

Amy and Roger