Class is in session 24/7. I launched my first online course How to Bridge Communication Gaps.  Two more to go. I’m inspired to help STEM graduates and early career professionals everywhere learn to communicate better.

My Talking STEM program dives deep into concepts from our book Championing Science. The inspiration to teach came to me two years ago in a very special place…

A Career Epiphany in Bhutan – November 2018

After finishing our manuscript, we celebrated by traveling to Bhutan on a fabulous Kingdom in the Clouds adventure with National Geographic. Listening to a lecture about Buddhism, I was struck by the definition of the term “bodhisattva”.  I knew the word from a Steely Dan song lyric – Bodhisattva won’t you take me by the hand.  What I came to appreciate was that it fundamentally means “teacher”.

That day I knew that I wanted to dedicate the next decades of my professional life to teaching scientists and technologists how to get their message across.  I saw myself helping recent STEM graduates, especially, so that they can acquire communication, influence and relationship-building skills early in their careers. I look forward to traveling the world to lecture at universities with Roger and to continuing to help innovative problem solvers and researchers advance  their important work.

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Amy and Roger Aines standing in front of white prayer flags in Bhutan

Visiting the Phobjikha Valley, the winter home of the endangered black-necked cranes, while hiking with fellow National Geographic travelers in Bhutan.