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Eleven Principles for Communicating Science to Get Results


“When we trust people, we have confidence in them – in their integrity and in their abilities… One of the fastest ways to restore trust is to make and keep commitments to ourselves and to others.”

– Stephen M. R. Covey
Author  The Speed of Trust 

The Speed of Trust by Stephen M. R. Covey

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Influence Styles

“Creating influence and being persuasive with decision makers takes a lot more than citing facts. When your listeners walk away from their time with you, you will have succeeded if they are excited about what you are doing, trust that what you have told them is true, and most importantly, are able to act on what they heard.”

– Amy and Roger Aines
Authors of Championing Science 

Four Influence Styles – MHS Model with Sample Language 

Scientists are typically quite comfortable asserting and rationalizing their ideas.  Learning when and how to influence others by inspiring action and making connections can help advance your scientific work. We have added examples of what it sounds like to communicate using these five influence styles outlined in the MHS Influence Styles Model.   


Championing Science Influence Model FINAL

Championing Science – Communicating Your Ideas to Decision Makers  

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